Lightnin' Wells
Acoustic Folk Blues
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Lightnin' Wells
Old and Rare, 1976-1985


I've been getting feedback on the music files I have shared in the past through the Song Of The Month link on my website and am pleased to say that they are being downloaded by music fans from across the U.S. and Europe. What a great way to share music! To celebrate over 40 years of playing music, I have decided to reach way back in the files and have located some live performance tapes and home recordings that reach back to my earliest days of music making. None of these tunes have been released by me on other CD projects and I no longer perform some of these tunes as I have, truthfully, forgotten them. So here is a true "blast from the past" featuring music of the young Lightnin' Wells, thankfully preserved for better or for worse.

I have upgraded to Dropbox for file sharing. It seems much easier to deal with and I hope does as well with downloads. Let me know if you have any problems.

Yours truly,


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